Queensland Piper a World Champion

Congratulations to Queensland piper Aidan Scott, who won the overall Grade 3 Piping title in 2020 World Online Piping & Drumming Championships.

Queensland piper, Aidan Scott
Queensland piper, Aidan Scott

Aidan is the Pipe Sergeant of the Brisbane Boys College Pipe Band and tutored by Andrew Roach.

Congratulations too to Queensland pipers and drummers who placed among 1650 entrants from around the world in the online competition:

• David Spotswood – second in Grade 2 side
• Jules Crane – second in Grade 5 piping
• Will Gibson – ninth in Grade 2 side
• Abbie Graham – ninth in Grade 4 side
• Euan Graham – ninth in Grade 5 piping

Well done to all our winners and placing players, and to all Queensland pipers and drummers who participated in the competition.

View all of the results at https://bagpipelessons.com/competition/results/.