COVID-19 Vaccine Message

We’re excited to be kicking off our Queensland competition season in just a few short weeks!

As we prepare for bands to head back into the circle, the safety of our community is our highest priority.

Players and supporters who plan to attend competitions this season should be aware that our events are often held at licensed venues, and promoters or venues may require proof of vaccination status before they grant you entry.

While we acknowledge our members’ rights and personal freedoms, we encourage all members of our pipe band community who are medically able to be vaccinated at their earliest opportunity, to ensure they are able to participate in all 2022 season events.

All association members, players and supporters should consider their personal situation and each event’s COVID-Safe plan and entry requirements when deciding whether to attend, and should comply with all directions given to them by event staff and volunteers on the day.

We look forward to a safe and enjoyable return to pipe band competitions in Queensland.

For more information on the Pipe Bands Australia statement on COVID vaccinations, please visit: