Players and bands can register with the associations for several reasons and benefits.

Soloists can join Queensland Highland Pipers’ Society (QHPS) and/or Pipe Bands Australia as an individual member. Visit the QHPS About Page for instructions to join the Queensland association, or see below for how to join the National association.

Bands can join Pipe Bands Australia to be registered for competitions. Instructions and information for bands is listed below.

Information below is adapted from the Band Secretary’s Handbook on the Pipe Bands Australia website.

Visit the Pipe Bands Australia website to download relevant forms for registration.

Chapter 3 of the Pipe Bands Australia competition rules also covers registration rules for our association in detail.

For the purposes of the information provided here, the following definitions apply:

  • “association” means Pipe Bands Australia Inc
  • “clearance” means process of obtaining a prescribed form from the player’s previous band stating they are under no financial or other obligation to that band
  • “membership” means a member of Pipe Bands Australia Inc
  • “registration” means process of registering a player with a band or a band registering with Pipe Bands Australia Inc
  • “registered band” means a band registered with Pipe Bands Australia Inc.

Registration and membership

New bands

If you are a band who has not registered with the association before, your band secretary or another authorised person can apply by sending a letter requesting membership to the Pipe Bands Queensland secretary, enclosing a copy of your band constitution.

To register, you must have a minimum seven players registered with the association and public liability insurance of at least $20 million.

After Pipe Bands Queensland has approved your application, you will need to send the following documentation to Pipe Bands Australia’s Registrar:

  • band details form
  • certificate of currency (stating that your band has at least $20 million public liability cover)
  • list of names of registered players or a completed Application for Membership/Registration form for each player
  • prescribed fee(s).

New members

A person wishing to become a member of the association may apply for membership by completing an Application for Membership/Registration form and submitting it with the prescribed fee to Registrar, Pipe Bands Australia Inc.

Renewing bands and members

Renewal documentation will be sent to a registered band’s postal address, as recorded on the association database, in April/May of each year.

Renewal documentation includes:

  • tax invoice
  • band details sheet
  • registration list.

Documents are to be corrected if necessary, and signed by the band secretary or an authorised band officer.

Bands who are adding new players should complete and submit an Application for Membership/Registration form for each new player.

New individual members should also complete an Application for Membership/Registration form and, if necessary, a Clearance of Registered Player form.

Tutors and instructors

Bands allocated to Grade 4 or a Juvenile Grade may register one piping and one drumming tutor.

The tutor is required to hold at least the relevant intermediate Certificate of the Australian Pipe Band College or its equivalent recognised by the College.

If your band intends to register a tutor, please read the detailed requirements in section A.3.06 of the competition rules.

A letter nominating tutor(s) to be registered should be submitted, along with the renewal documentation, to the Registrar of Pipe Bands Australia Inc.

The following documentation must be submitted to the Registrar of Pipe Bands Australia Inc by 30 June each year:

  • tax invoice – enter numbers and calculate amount
  • band details sheet – signed by the band secretary or authorised band officer.
  • registration list – signed by the band secretary or authorised band officer, together with Application for membership/registration form(s) and Clearance of Registered Player form(s) if applicable.
  • certificate of currency (from your insurance company)
  • tutor(s) nomination letter (if applicable)
  • prescribed fee(s).

Players or bands who do not renew with the appropriate fees and documentation listed above will be considered un-financial and therefore not entitled to membership benefits.

Transfers and clearances

A player registered with a band and joining another band must obtain a clearance from their previous band.

The prescribed transfer fee must accompany the clearance.

If the player is not a current financial member, the prescribed membership fee must accompany the registration form.

A clearance is not required from a player from an overseas Association.

Intra-band transfers do not require a fee. An Application for Membership/Registration form is required.

While obtaining a clearance is the responsibility of the player, it is recommended that band secretaries retain a copy of the clearance form in their file.

A band secretary signing a clearance form for a player acknowledges that the player is not under any financial or other obligation.


A registered band must hold or be covered by a current public liability policy of no less than $20 million.

You must supply a certificate of currency from your insurance company to accompany the renewal documentation.
NOTE: This is not the renewal of premium notice from the insurance company.

A band covered by an insurance policy held by a parent body (i.e. RSL, school, services or other organisation) is required to provide a letter from that body stating coverage.

Prescribed fees and payment

Prescribed fees

The association determines its prescribed fees from time to time, and communicates the information to branch secretaries for notification of bands.

Rates for 2021

All prices are listed in Australian dollars.

  • Individual player: $30
  • Player transfer: $30
  • Band registration: $220


You can pay by cheque, postal order or by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Pipe Bands Australia strongly recommends that you contact their Registrar for an invoice number before you pay. This number must be used as the reference for EFT or payment at a bank branch.

Prescribed fees may be paid by:

  • Cheque – made payable to Pipe Bands Australia Inc
  • Money Order – made payable to Pipe Bands Australia Inc
  • Electronic Funds Transfer – visit the Association website for EFT details (A copy of the EFT receipt must be emailed to the Registrar)
  • Payment at bank branch – payment may be made over the counter at any Commonwealth Bank branch. Depositor must have the BSB, account number and a reference number (invoice number).

A copy of the receipt must be emailed to the Registrar.

Cash is not an acceptable method of payment.

Frequently asked questions

What is financial or other obligation?

Financial obligation can mean a player owing money to the band. Other obligation can mean uniform or equipment.

Does a band have to issue a clearance to a player if requested?

Yes providing the player has no financial or other obligations to the band.

Should bands clear players that are no longer members of the band?

Yes. If the player has no financial or other obligation, the band secretary or authorised band officer should provide the player with a clearance form duly signed.

A player wants to be registered with our band but does not have a clearance form from their previous which is no longer registered with the association.

A clearance form is not required due to the band not being registered with the association.

A player has not been a member of any band for 5 years. Is a clearance form required from their previous band?

If the previous band is registered with the association, yes.

Who can sign a clearance form?

Clearance forms can be signed by the Band Secretary or an authorised band officer.